Life by Mirza Ghalib

रौ में है रक्ष-ए -उम्र कहाँ देखिये थमे
नै हाथ बाग पर है न पा है रकाब में

Mirza Ghalib

Life travels at a galloping pace, I know not where it will stop;
The reins are not in my hands, nor my feet in the stirrups.

Translation by Khushwant Singh

This couplet must have been written almost a century ago.

I wonder what was Ghalib talking about? Was he talking about something “out there”, or was he referring to his state of mind?
It seems that man faces this dilemma, irrespective of the age he belongs to.

Couplet cited from the book Celebrating The Best of Urdu Poetry by Khushwant Singh.