Lego Grand Emporium

Lego set# 10211
Lego Grand Emporium (Set# 10211)

I have been playing with toys. Pictured above is the Lego Grand Emporium (3 floors tall) that I recently built.

In the package were 2182 pieces, 7 mini-figures, 3 instruction booklets (one for each floor).

In my “build” session I assembled a revolving door, cash register, two escalators, a chandelier, window cleaner’s platform, a scooter (yeah, a scooter, and no, I’m not giggling).

Although Lego has done a good job of packing the pieces according to color and size into different bags, few pesky ones may be hard to find.

My 10-year old son had a better strategy – “Dad, you dig out the pieces for each step, and I will handle the rest.” He had a frustrating time finding the right pieces. Now he is in college and has an equally hard time getting material out of his books.

It took me many hours and a little patience, but what does all this add up to?

A 15-inches tall Grand Emporium, and…
Loads of fun!
It is immensely satisfying to see the building rise as you lay the bricks layer by layer.

For more info see the set details at Brickipedia