Greta Thunberg

I am reading the novel A Study in Scarlet by Arthur Conan Doyle.

“Cocks and hens,” cried the little girl gleefully, clapping her hands to make them rise. “Say, did God make this country?”

“Of course He did,” said her companion, rather startled by this unexpected question.

“He made the country down in Illinois, and He made the Missouri,” the little girl continued. “I guess somebody else made the country in these parts. It’s not nearly so well done. They forgot the water and the trees.”

Excerpt from ‘A Study in Scarlet’

This made me laugh, and I was reminded of another girl who was in the news recently – Greta Thunberg. I think that little girl in the novel has grown up and she is angry that people could be so reckless with nature’s bounties.

Greta Thunberg (on fire) at United Nations
Greta Thunberg explains (calmly)