Tuesday Photo

We eat
we play
we nap - 
and then, 
we play some more.

It's that simple.

Complainers Club INC.

It takes a hard winter
to appreciate the summers.
It takes days and days of blazing sun
to appreciate the winters.
When the conditions are harsh
we complain
and then complain some more.

Safe and snug in our bones
do we reflect, do we feel

Another Haiku

Lately, its been raining poems. Being the monsoon season, maybe that’s expected. Haiku for today:

this evening,
moon is aloof and pale ...
       miss the sun, my friend?

Midnight Watch

A haiku (short poem):

on front porch
upright i stand, balancing --
a million stars

Haiku (a short poem)

About Haiku

Haiku is a type of short poetry form. Although originally practiced in Japan, now it is popular all over the world. In the English language, you will mostly come across 3-line haikus.

Sample a haiku penned by me:

tulsi bush sways
left and right
music, by crickets

Why don’t you try one? It is not difficult to get started.

For a good summary, see the Haiku page on Wikipedia. To get a broader perspective from practicing haiku poets, see some excellent articles at Defining Haiku (Living Haiku Anthology).


Poem – Of Death, and Life

Of death, and life

an image,
of what would be
 (or could be).
a projection of the mind.

in the face, against the skin
the raw fact, pulsating
the real.

life is
a struggle.
life has to be earned -
each day.
making choices,
reviewing old ones.

newborn's first cry!
the urgency, the hunger,
with which we arrive.

Life&Death is -
a daily affair.
let the meaningful live.
let the pointless die.
each day.
   each moment.
      this very moment.


My First Poem


rushes in.
moves out.

   rushes in.

Who breathes?
does anyone, at all?

Meaning of Prana: Sanskrit for breath, life force. See more at Wikipedia/Prana


The Trouble with our Language


The trouble with our language is that it is a double-edged sword. For example, saying “Please” sweetly communicates a request. Change the tone of your voice, and you could easily communicate a veiled threat.

Maybe that’s what prompted Nayyirah to compose this short poem.

can we speak in flowers.

it will be easier for me to understand.

from the book Salt by Nayyirah Waheed

I have just started reading this book. Let me dig my teeth nice and proper into the book, and then I will share some more poems.


Life by Mirza Ghalib

रौ में है रक्ष-ए -उम्र कहाँ देखिये थमे
नै हाथ बाग पर है न पा है रकाब में

Mirza Ghalib

Life travels at a galloping pace, I know not where it will stop;
The reins are not in my hands, nor my feet in the stirrups.

Translation by Khushwant Singh

This couplet must have been written almost a century ago.

I wonder what was Ghalib talking about? Was he talking about something “out there”, or was he referring to his state of mind?
It seems that man faces this dilemma, irrespective of the age he belongs to.

Couplet cited from the book Celebrating The Best of Urdu Poetry by Khushwant Singh.


Color me Red

Holi (the festival of colors), celebrated feverishly across India, inspired me to try my hand at poetry.

Red flower

Color me Red

Color me red, the color of fire
so that I may burn my sloth away.
Color me green, the color of trees
so that I have fresh eyes for each new day.
Color me blue, the color of rivers,
so that even with fires raging in my heart
I keep my cool.

On second thought,
Color me whatever-purple you want.
Eyes shut, when I peep within
I see no color.
No Sir, none at all.