Weather Report

This dull morning I stood in my garden, surveying the earth and the sky. Report follows.

After two days of good lashing by the rain, the wind too joined the party last night.

Trees are in a sorry state – the wind has plucked them clean of their foliage. Few tiny but resilient leaves cling for dear life to thin branch endings. One tree in our garden is an exception – all leaves are still intact. Swaying to and fro, it seems to be enjoying the chill. Mom tells me that the tree is called “haar shingar”, meaning to adorn or beautify oneself, which sits pretty well with its current mood.

The sea of clouds is in a hurry. They are moving eastward, and at this speed, they may cross the China border by the evening. Now, that is “news” because usually, China manufactures dark and ominous clouds for its neighbors. But I am getting distracted here – the weather does not bother about politics.

The wind is picking up pace. I am no “haar shingar” – better to get back indoors.

So much for the weather report.



Google Doodle

For many days the temperature has been in the 40s (degree Celsius). Each day is a scorcher, give or take a few degrees.

Guess what is my favorite drink. A glass of water from Matka (an earthen or clay pot). Matka is like a water cooler without the steroids. It cools the water down but does not give it an unpleasant chill like the water cooler, and gives it a fresh earthy flavor. Is it okay to have plain water in the modern world? Let me know if there’s an issue – I am pretty new here.

Google doodle says, “Happy Summer 2020!” Good sense of humor, Google.


Winter’s Tale

Today I woke up to a very cold morning.

No one was ready to leave the warm, cozy bed.
I said, “Time to rise.”
The body said, “A few more minutes won’t hurt,” and rolled up into a ball.
The mind too chipped in, “What earth-shattering events have you got lined-up anyway?”

I had to drag each one out, one by one.
To think that it is just the start of the season.